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  • In this two-part tutorial you will learn how to get started with the development of Seam applications with RichFaces using Eclipse with JBoss Tools. In the 1st part we've set up our environment, created, and run an empty shell Seam application. In this 2nd part we will create a simple web page with a table presenting data on multiple pages using Ajax (a RichFaces component) and its model stored as a POJO Component in the Seam Conversation scope. I assume that you already have some basic knowledge of Seam and JSF, for instance that you know what a Component or the Conversation scope are. I'll present my path to this goal with all the mistakes so that you too can learn from them.

    My aim in this tutorial series is to create a Seam portlet displaying data in a paged (and ideally also sortable and filterable, but lets be realistic) table running in the Liferay portal.

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  • $ split -b 1394786 big.log
    $ ls -1 x*


    Split creates its output files in decreasing alphabetic order. Thus when you list them in the shell they are in the order in which
    they were split. As such, you can simply use cat to merge the files. (Thanks to Paul and Davidov for pointing out my for loop was superfluous.)

    $ cat x* >merged.big.log
    $ ls -l *.log
    -rw-rw-r– 1 brock brock 175743061 Oct 12 22:08 big.log
    -rw-rw-r– 1 brock brock 175743061 Oct 12 01:11 merged.big.log
    $ diff merged.big.log big.log
    $ md5sum *.log
    47de08911534957c1768968743468307 big.log
    47de08911534957c1768968743468307 merged.big.log

    (cat works for files created with hjsplit, too)

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