links for 2008-10-29

29 10 2008
  • Today, Ryan C. Gordon alias "icculus", released a demo of Prey for Linux.
    Prey is a first-person shooter developed by 3D Realms and Human Head.
    The Client is running nativly and is network compatible to the MAC port. Unfortunatelly the demo network code is not compatible to the windows netcode. The full version will be.
  • Firstly, legitimate users are certainly losing out; prices raised up due to piracy (or using piracy as an excuse, as the case may be) leads to legitimate customers paying more to use the product; effectively meaning that they’re paying for pirates to use the software without paying a dime. But there’s also going to be an often unseen impact on FOSS developers; FOSS isn’t about generating revenue, but public interest and user support is the FOSS community’s lifeblood; if you choose to download a copy of MS Office 2007 instead of, OOo’s developers have lost a user, lost a supporter and possibly, lost a contributor. Louis Suarez-Potts, community manager for, has said as much himself.




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