links for 2008-11-01

1 11 2008
  • This Java tip illustrates a method of executing a command from the code. This is very helpful in cases when developer wants to execute some file (for ex. an exe) or run some command in a command prompt but without the interruption of the user.
  • Fine Grained Auditing is primarily intended for auditing special events in the database. In Oracle 9i the only event that was supported by dbms_fga was the query event – execution of a SELECT statement. In 10g, dbms_fga has been extended to also capture DML events – INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements. For the purpose of our SELECT trigger, we will focus on the SELECT event. Hence, this is available in both 9i and 10g. Note: this trigger is a STATEMENT level trigger. The select-trigger will not be called for every record that is either evaluated or returned by the query. Fortunately! We create our SELECT trigger in two steps. First we create the Handler – a PL/SQL procedure – that will process the Select Events that we want to be triggered on, then we can define a Fine Grained Auditing Policy that is associated with our Handler.
  • Extract minutes, seconds and hour from a DATE value: select extract(hour from cast(sysdate as timestamp)) hh, extract(minute from cast(sysdate as timestamp)) mi, extract(second from cast(sysdate as timestamp))ss from dual
  • News emerged recently that Qt Software (formerly Trolltech) were working on their first IDE for Qt, code named Project Greenhouse. Today saw the release of the first technical preview under the name Qt Creator. The initial release is binary only, and under the terms of the Qt preview license, but the final release will be released with source code under a GPL compatible license. The initial release is available for Linux, Mac OS X and MS Windows. Read on for a users review.
  • Oracle Web Applications: PL/SQL Developer's Intro Developer's Introduction
  • A regression was discovered last night, right after the launch of Ubuntu 8.10 (codename Intrepid Ibex), in the Linux kernel packages. Do not be alarmed, as this is not a security flaw! It's actually a bug in 2.6.27 Linux kernel packages.
  • Not long ago I watched a free software developer totally lose his cool with a user who (admittedly very frustratingly) posted a “bug report” in Spanish on an English-language project that amounted to “it doesn’t work”. He posted a very sarcastic reply in a couple of random languages (one of them through a machine translator). It was an understandable reaction, and in a way, kind of funny if you could understand all of the languages involved, but it wasn’t exactly good public relations. It was a sure sign of burnout. He had forgotten one important point: you are not obligated to help just because you wrote the thing.



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24 11 2008
ingiltere vizesi

¿Por qué este Web site no tienen otra ayuda de las idiomas


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