links for 2009-03-14

15 03 2009
  • … Linux needs root privileges. Therefore, you have to have root privileges when starting Wireshark, else you can't capture data. Please note that you don't have to login as root when starting your computer, you can use su(1) or sudo(8) for that purpose. However, this remains unsecure as the dissectors, the parts of Wireshark which parse the captured data, run with root privileges as they did before. A much safer solution would be to su(1) to root, then use the bundled dumpcap to dump the data (for example, you can evoke dumpcap by using "dumpcap -w ./dumpfile", which will dump the packets to the file "dumpfile" in the current working directory. See "dumpcap -h" for details). You could also use tcpdump for this purpose. The advantage of this solution is, while dumpcap/tcpdump still run as root, you can run Wireshark as a ordinary user and load the data you captured previously, so effectively this is kinda "privilege separation by hand".




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