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17 01 2011
  • We've got a situation where someone (not me…really :)) really screwed up a Commit to our SVN server…lot's of files deleted, etc.

    Question: What is the technique for making the previous (to the bad Commit) revision the HEAD revision? I've seen discussion here on SO for doing this for 1 file, but we'd like to make it like that last commit never happened. Any ideas?

    ANSWER: Using TortoiseSVN, you can show log, check previous revision (n-1), in context menu choose Revert to this revision and commit the changes (it will becomes n+1, where n is current bad head)

    The cleanest way would be to undo changes

    You can use svn merge to “undo” the change in your working copy, and then commit the local modification to the repository. All you need to do is to specify a reverse difference. (You can do this by specifying –revision 303:302, or by an equivalent –change -303.)

    See also:





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