links for 2011-05-24

25 05 2011
  • AutoMySQLBackup has all the features I needed: it can backup a single database, multiple databases, or all the databases on the server; each database is saved in a separate file that can be compressed (with gzip or bzip2); it will rotate the backups and not keep them filling your hard drive (as normal in the daily backup you will have only the last 7 days of backups, the weekly if enabled will have one for each week, etc.). It has also some other features (check the project homepage for full details), that I am not using myself (like email logs for example), but other peoples might find interesting.
  • MySQL is one of the most popular open source database management system for the development of interactive Websites.

    If your site stores its sensitive data in a MySQL database, you will most definitely want to backup that information so that it can be restored in case of any disaster (we all have been there).

    There are several ways to backup MySQL data. In this article we’ll look at how to backup your databases using different methods, we will also learn how to achieve an automatic backup solution to make the process easier. Starting with the mysqldump utility that comes with MySQL, we will review several examples using mysqldump, including the backup of your database to a file, another server, and even a compressed gzip file and send it to your email.

  • SSH is a must use tool for system administrators. However, residing access security on a human entered password is not very wise. Script kiddies may break into your system due to a lazy user with a weak password. And it is beyond the system administrator power to make users choose good passwords.
  • This short tutorial describes how to configure JBoss Application Server (Jboss GA 5.1.0) on a debian linux (Debian GNU/Linux 5.x “Lenny” ). Article starts with installation of java JDK and continues with JBoss installation and basic configuration according to standard file system hierarchy. Also init.d. scripts configuration is given here.
  • 15 gotchas in seam
  • There seem to be a problem with IE8 and Seam applications. We are running Seam 2.1, JSF 1.2 and Facelets, and I cannot say for sure where the bug is. For all I know its a bug with IE8.

    There seem to be problems when creating long-running conversations. In link using IE8 the cid doesnt appear. Somehow it is stripped or doesn't render correctly, and it causes some strange behaviour.
    When trying to create a long running conversation by pushing an edit link for instance, we get a "Your session has timeout" exception.

    We fixed this IE8 problem by telling Internet Explorer to emulate IE7 in pages.xml

    <page view-id="*">
    <header name="X-UA-Compatible">IE=EmulateIE7</header>

    I suggest you do the same until the bug is identified and fixed.





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